"Rogan after Goguen!"

- Charles Hoskinson

|| LSS || Cardano Stake Pool is a stake pool run by a team of hedge fund quants who have the technical know-how to provide a stable Taiwan-based stake pool which has produced over 200 blocks and has achieved 5.5% APY for their delegators.

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Our Node Setup

We have deployed 1 block-producing node and 3 relay nodes.

We are in it for the right reasons

Long term followers of LSS will know that while we're not quite altruistic, we're all for a different type of financial system, one that gives a fair shake to not only the big banks and money managers but wants Joe Average to have a stake (no pun intended) in the financial future of the world as well. The LSS philosophy aligns well with Cardano and it's therefore not surprising that we were drawn to it in the first place.

Minimum fees

Very much related to the first point is that we have set our variable fee below average and our fixed fee at the minimum allowable figure.

LSS is reliable

LongShortSignal is run by a team of hedge fund quants that focuses most of their time on applying machine learning techniques to financial markets. We have the technical know-how to ensure stability and deliver you the most bang for your ADA!

Taiwan based

|| LSS || Cardano Stake Pool's nodes are all located in Taiwan and as of publish, we are the only Taiwan-based Cardano stake pool to exist. So as to help with increasing decentralisation, we hope to attract delegators who share this goal by staking with our small pool.

Proud Member of Single Pool Alliance

We are a proud member of the Cardano Single Pool Alliance. By joining we commit to fight "for the full decentralization of Cardano by only running a single pool." It is regarded unhealthy for the decentralisation of the network for delegators to stake with stake pool operators running multiple pools.

Free Crypto Signals Membership

Promotion for a limited time! All delegators staking to || LSS || Cardano Stake Pool can apply to receive a free crypto signals membership worth US$9.95/month. Please just sign up for a free membership and send us your staking address through the Contact form and we will upgrade you within 1-2 working days.

Last Epoch Summary

Key Stats

Total Stake: ₳
Last Reward Epoch:
Variable Fee:
Minimum Fixed Fee: ₳
Lifetime ROA: %
Monthly ROA: %
Blocks Lifetime:
Telegram: @LSS_CardanoPool.
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