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NEW DATA INSIGHT (@ 2021-11-23 04:00:29)
How about a bit more data on correlations, our favorite topic... Some of the (3 month rolling) correlations that have declined the most since a month ago were between Crypto.com Coin - Litecoin (0.41 today vs. 0.79 a month ago), Bitcoin Cash - Crypto.com Coin (0.46 today vs. 0.83 a month ago), Stellar - Crypto.com Coin (0.43 today vs. 0.80 a month ago) and Crypto.com Coin - Stellar (0.43 today vs. 0.80 a month ago). Meanwhile, increasing correlations were seen between VeChain - FARM (0.55 today vs. 0.13 a month ago), FARM - Compound (0.51 today vs. 0.11 a month ago), FARM - Ethereum (0.52 today vs. 0.13 a month ago) and FARM - Monero (0.49 today vs. 0.11). -Albert Ingles