Our recent public signals for MODELPORTFOLIO_CRYPTO (win rate: NAN%)

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LSS model: LSS Crypto Model Portfolio

The LongShortSignal.com crypto model portfolio is our flagship crypto portfolio made up of the best quantitative investment ideas generated by our cryptocurrency models across the entire spectrum of crypto assets covered by LSS signals. If we ran a crypto hedge fund, this is how we would invest. The signals used to build our model portfolio include our freely available Bitcoin model, but also a wide range of other crypto models including for instance Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple and Litecoin.

On a weekly basis, the portfolio weights are adjusted based on the "win rates" of the underlying models, with models that have recently been more successful being favored, and on a day to day basis the position taken is dynamically determined by our long/short signals per asset class resulting from price movements in the days before. Our model portfolio does not employ any leverage.

How to trade

What win rates are expected?

We believe that a win rate above 60-70% is feasible in the longer term. Not every signal is going to beat it out of the ballpark, and the quality and health of all models varies as some have a harder time grasping market dynamics. But systematic implementation of our signals has so far proven to be able to beat the market by a wide margin, offering far better risk-adjusted returns.

When are signals calculated?

The daily signal update completes by 4am UTC, which currently translates to roughly noon in Singapore, midnight in New York, or 5am in London.