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Cardano Stake Pool (LSS)

Posted on 18th Aug 2020 by the LSS team
#cardano #stakepool #ADA #LSS #longshortsignal #crypto #cryptocurrencies

LongShortSignal is pleased to announce the launching of our very own Cardano stake pool, listed under the ticker LSS. Despite having our own stake pool related page, I wanted to use this view post to detail some of the systems we have implemented to ensure maximum performance and ROS (return of stake).... Read More

LongShortSignal lists on Tokenbox

Posted on 1st Aug 2020 by the LSS team
#LSS #tokenbox

We already shared a quick view about in our Feed but it's worth highlighting in a bit more detail here: LongShortSignal has officially completed the listing of our very own LSS Token on the promising up and coming platform of Tokenbox. In their own words, Tokenbox is a platform that provides a safe and flexible ecosystem for the trading and managing digital assets. You can look at it as a mutual fund platform for managed crypto portfolios by the likes of ourselves and a number of peers. It offers end investors an avenue to gain exposure to diversified crypto portfolios and we think that our quantitative trading strategy will soon be one of the top performers on there.... Read More

How to Trade our Signals?

Posted on 16th Jun 2020 by the LSS team
#LSS #signals's free and premium subscriptions include assets from a variety of classes, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies (Forex) and even cryptocurrencies. So what trading platform should I use and what ticker should I be trading? This will mainly depend on where you live. For those living in the United States, you will most likely have access to a normal trading account like Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Charles Schwab and even the more recently popular Robinhood. All to varying degrees offer $0 trading commissions which greatly reduces our transaction costs.... Read More