Market Views and Research


Exclusive Look at our Open Signals

Posted on 18th Jul 2020 by the LSS team
#signals #market views

What's up LSS readers, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. We sure have, as a bit of normality seems to be returning to life in the crazy new COVID-19 world we are all facing. Today we want to share with you an exclusive snapshot of the latest signals we make available to our Premium subscribers. If you sign up for a premium account you can get these delivered straight to your mailbox as and when they get triggered but as a one off we would like to make our calls available to a broader public today.... Read More

Beat the Market with our Model Portfolio

Posted on 5th Jul 2020 by the LSS team
#model portfolio #models #signals

Our premium and crypto subscribers get access to the full range of LSS (crypto) signals, which they can use to their own benefit in their own investment processes. In addition they get access to our flagship model portfolios for both traditional/crypto and pure crypto assets. This is the product where all of our best ideas come together and we wanted to highlight some of the recent risk/return characteristics and the benefits of following along with our trading signals here.... Read More

About Win Rates and Signals

Posted on 28th Jun 2020 by the LSS team
#signals #investment process #model portfolio

I wanted to share a quick few thoughts with you about using our signals in your investment process, and what to expect in terms of win rates. Are we at LongShortSignal actually able to predict the market, if so why is no one else doing it and exactly how game-changing is our output? Those are a few of the things I will go into in this very short piece. For starters, it is my firm belief that markets are inherently unpredictable to an extent and there's no magic potion that will allow anyone to predict how assets will behave today, tomorrow or a week from now. ... Read More

How to Trade our Signals?

Posted on 16th Jun 2020 by the LSS team
#LSS #signals's free and premium subscriptions include assets from a variety of classes, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies (Forex) and even cryptocurrencies. So what trading platform should I use and what ticker should I be trading? This will mainly depend on where you live. For those living in the United States, you will most likely have access to a normal trading account like Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Charles Schwab and even the more recently popular Robinhood. All to varying degrees offer $0 trading commissions which greatly reduces our transaction costs.... Read More