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NEW DATA INSIGHT (@ 2021-10-24 04:01:16)
How about a bit more data on correlations, our favorite topic... Some of the (3 month rolling) correlations that have declined the most since a month ago were between Crypto.com Coin - Inv Grade Credit (-0.22 today vs. 0.02 a month ago), Uniswap - Filecoin (0.49 today vs. 0.69 a month ago), Filecoin - Uniswap (0.49 today vs. 0.69 a month ago) and Euro Stoxx 50 - Bitcoin SV (-0.04 today vs. 0.17 a month ago). Meanwhile, increasing correlations were seen between Inv Grade Credit - Euro Stoxx 50 (0.17 today vs. -0.31 a month ago), US Treasury Bonds - Inv Grade Credit (0.67 today vs. 0.21 a month ago), Inv Grade Credit - Global High Yield (0.55 today vs. 0.12 a month ago) and Inv Grade Credit - EM LC Bonds (0.58 today vs. 0.16). -Albert Ingles