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Introducing LSS Crypto Rating Index

Posted on 21st Mar 2021
#Crypto rating index

The world of cryptocurrencies is unbelievably noisy. There are scams, there is FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt), there are rug pulls, there are Twitter influencers who collectively gang up on projects they missed out on. There are those who say Bitcoin will moon and nothing else will succeed, and there are those who claim the coin they invested in will soon obviously do a 100x, overtake Bitcoin and rule them all. To see through the noise we are introducing a crypto rating index... Read More

Cardano lists on Coinbase Pro

Posted on 18th Mar 2021
#Cardano #Coinbase

As of 18th March, 2021 Coinbase has listed Cardano's ADA token for trading on their Coinbase Pro website. Having existed in the Top 10 since inception, Cardano followers have long pushed the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US to list Cardano especially given its recent meteoric rise to the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap behind Bitcoin and Ethereum.... Read More

Where next?

Posted on 14th Mar 2021
#market views # crypto

For what it’s worth, I am still buying Bitcoin here. In my previous write-up I noted that my base case was a ranging between 45-55K unless a further move up was sparked by stimulus, large institutional buyers or in general easing conditions in traditional markets where both dollar and interest rates had been acting up a little bit. I think at least two out of those three have now taken place causing a short squeeze over the 13-14 March weekend and renewed momentum.... Read More

Quick crypto market thoughts (8 March 2021)

Posted on 8th Mar 2021
#markets #crypto

In our quick crypto market thoughts we provide quick insights on the current state of crypto markets. These come out irregularly and go into macro trends, price action and individual cryptocurrencies. Today we share some brief views on the state of traditional markets and how that might impact crypto, as well as views for crypto specifically over the weeks ahead.... Read More

Quick crypto market thoughts

Posted on 3rd Mar 2021

In our quick market thoughts we provide quick insights on the current state of crypto markets. These come out irregularly and go into macro trends, price action and individual cryptocurrencies. ... Read More

Weekend thoughts on the market (August 21st 2020)

Posted on 21st Aug 2020
#market views #weekend thoughts

For better or for worse, 2020 remains very much a US dollar story, with the currency at first whipsawing markets back in March as DXY spiked to 102 during the dollar funding squeeze and as of today having come down to a 92 handle. Speaking of which, the stock market sell-off we saw in March gets compared to other historical shocks like the GFC in 2008, but in reality - and as I have remarked here a few times - it was really a dollar story. ... Read More

Cardano Stake Pool (LSS)

Posted on 18th Aug 2020
#cardano #stakepool #ADA #LSS #longshortsignal #crypto #cryptocurrencies

LongShortSignal is pleased to announce the launching of our very own Cardano stake pool, listed under the ticker LSS. Despite having our own stake pool related page, I wanted to use this view post to detail some of the systems we have implemented to ensure maximum performance and ROS (return of stake).... Read More

Weekend thoughts on the market (August 9th 2020)

Posted on 9th Aug 2020
#market views #weekend thoughts #inflation #stagflation

I haven't done one of these in a while so figured today might be a good moment to pause and talk through the recent state of financial markets. 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride with a 35% equity sell-off and subsequent full recovery, a bond market rally that saw rates moving from 2% to 0.5% and never climbing back up, enormous dollar strength then weakness, the Fed buying sub investment grade corporate bonds. Gold is at an all-time high and crypto is moving there slowly.... Read More

Does Bitcoin do better on weekends?

Posted on 2nd Aug 2020
#Bitcoin #statistics #market structure

Whenever Bitcoin does relatively well for a few weekends in a row, the discussion starts again about whether there is some sort of "weekend effect" present in Bitcoin returns that we should all be aware of. I should know, as I am writing this to you on a Saturday where Bitcoin is going up 5%. We did a little bit of digging of our own based on the latest data available to better understand to what extent this is or isn't true. ... Read More

LongShortSignal lists on Tokenbox

Posted on 1st Aug 2020
#LSS #tokenbox

We already shared a quick view about in our Feed but it's worth highlighting in a bit more detail here: LongShortSignal has officially completed the listing of our very own LSS Token on the promising up and coming platform of Tokenbox. In their own words, Tokenbox is a platform that provides a safe and flexible ecosystem for the trading and managing digital assets. You can look at it as a mutual fund platform for managed crypto portfolios by the likes of ourselves and a number of peers. It offers end investors an avenue to gain exposure to diversified crypto portfolios and we think that our quantitative trading strategy will soon be one of the top performers on there.... Read More