Our recent public signals for SPX (win rate: 100%)

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+ Date open Date closed Days Asset Signal Return Result
 +  2020-04-13 Open Open SPX LONG 13.8% Profit
2020-02-25 2020-04-13 48 SPX SHORT 11.5% Profit
2019-10-23 2020-02-25 125 SPX LONG 4.8% Profit

LSS model: S&P500

Our stocks model uses daily dividend-adjusted prices for the S&P500 as input. This index consists of the 500 largest companies listed on exchanges in the United States. The LSS S&P500 model is calibrated on a history of daily stock prices going back several decades (smoothed out over the medium term) as well as a number of other exogenous risk factors across other asset classes that may impact its behavior.

How to trade

The easiest way to trade the S&P500 is through ETFs like the SPY.

What win rates are expected?

We believe that a win rate above 60-70% is feasible in the longer term. Not every signal is going to beat it out of the ballpark, and the quality and health of all models varies as some have a harder time grasping market dynamics. But systematic implementation of our signals has so far proven to be able to beat the market by a wide margin, offering far better risk-adjusted returns.

When are signals calculated?

The daily signal update completes by 4am UTC, which currently translates to roughly noon in Singapore, midnight in New York, or 5am in London.