Moving into the Crypto Space

Posted on 26th Jun 2020 by the LSS team

LSS crypto coverage

We are happy to announce that as of today we have massively expanded our premium model offering to include no fewer than 7 cryptocurrencies! Included in our signal coverage from today on are: Cardano, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash and of course Bitcoin itself. 

Why are we moving into crypto if we started LongShortSignal predominantly covering more traditional assets like the S&P500 and bonds? Well, it is true that our professional background may be in traditional finance, a place that until very recently would not touch crypto with a ten-foot pole. Yet at the same time, our heart has been in crypto for some years now. Call us idealists if you will - and we certainly are in some odd way - but it has been apparent to us since the Global Financial Crisis that the old financial system no longer works.

You know the drill, and we aren't exactly socialists at all, but handouts to the banks while wealth inequality takes on ever greater heights and central banks freely debase our currencies, potentially passing on a massive and painful bill to our children. This is not exactly how we envision a fair and sustainable financial future for the world, and crypto provides for a way out. We view Bitcoin and its friends as a revolution of money in the same way that email proved to be a revolution for communication in the 1990s.

And to be totally fair, as we are still in the nascent stages of crypto and institutional investors remain hesitant as ever, we think getting in today will still prove a great way to make money. Read up on some projects (our personal favourite is Cardano which we think cannot be beaten for the academic rigour behind it, also we are total fanboys of The Hosk but that is beside the point) and pick some to buy and HODL, certainly. But you may also want to get into trading some of them a little more actively. Consider our Ripple model which is up +48% while the underlying currency is down -4% for the year! A total of no less than 11 calls brought us there, and we are proud of it.

And while generally, we will reserve our premium signals for premium users, on this special occasion we can let you know that all of them except for Bitcoin have incepted with a LONG signal:

LongShortSignal crypto signals

Happy trading!